Monday, 22 October 2012

Star Trek

I have recently rediscovered Star Trek: the Next Generation. I know, how could I have forgotten how wonderful it was? I really do think it's wonderful. The episodes always have a problem that is hard to understand at first and then in the last ten minutes or so, starship Enterprise finds a way to fix it by working together and using their heads. Captain commands his crew in a wise and fatherly nature, with inexhaustible resources of patients despite the Romulan ship that is about to blow them to, as Jordi would say, "to kingdom come!"
The one aspect that annoys me about Star Trek is the fact that faith in the supernatural is viewed by Captain Picard as a prehistoric and backward superstition. It would seem that humans in the future rely more and more on technology and less on God. This may in fact be an extremely accurate representation of humanity, but in my opinion it deviates from the shows inherent positivity.

Of course this does not bother me enough to stop watching the show. But I will hope with each passing episode that the crew can find some sort of joy and value in things that cannot be explained. Maybe I'm investing too much in the fictional characters, but what can I say, I care about their fictitious souls!

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