Monday, 29 October 2012

Living the Dream

Happy Monday!

I came across a really great website last week - check it out:

Better Life Index

It's a site put out by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that
compares a number of different facets such as education, health, and housing among others, across nations.  These facets are used as an indication of well-being in those countries (or in some cases lack of wellness).  It's a very interesting site that you could easily whittle away large chunks of time on.

I'm not one to recommend many websites or whittling away time.  However this site is worth a perusal especially because it caused me to start to consider on the facets as they relate to my life.  It really gave me pause to think on my values and the things that I hold up in my life as indicators that I am "living the life."  And by "living the life" I mean living a particular lifestyle that reflects that which I consider to be important.  In doing so it makes you evaluate and reaffirm those things that are important to you.

For me, one of the most significant personal indicators of better living is a healthy work-life balance with a heavy emphasis on the life part (as if work isn't a part of life).   Work-life balance is the catch phrase that gets thrown out there to justify not working crazy long hours and for spending more time with the family rather than in the office.  I can do with less if it means I get more of what I want and what my family wants - which is time together. For me that is what makes life enjoyable.

I think the time we have together is short - by the time we know it our kids are old enough to  be doing their own thing and we old fogies get relegated to taxi service.  I suppose it's the natural order of things.  I plan to enjoy this time with them now.  The thing is, even when they are all grown, I'm still going to covet my family time as it means that me and my little woman will get to spend more time together doing the things we like doing like popping in on our children and hanging with our grand-kiddies.

What are your indicators of the better life?  What things do you value and strive for in your life?  I'm not asking rhetorically, I'd really like to know.  Leave a comment to share.

Hey, one last thought, as this Frankenstorm threatens to redefine the Eastern seaboard, stay safe and don't forget to count your blessings, even in the midst of the storm.  This too will pass.

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