Thursday, 18 October 2012

Daddy Instinct

I slipped and fell down a few stairs today, while holding Miriam, my nine month old.  We're all okay thank goodness.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be pretty sore in the morning but Miriam didn't get anything worse than a little fright.  Upon beginning my descent my free arm, rather than going to the ground to catch myself, instinctively went around Miriam to ensure she didn't get bumped.  Of course that meant that my elbow, shoulder and butt took the brunt of the fall...thankfully I've got a little padding on the behind.

It amazes me how instinctive our protective nature is for our children.  This is of course just a small example as neither of us were in any serious danger.  But even the smallest threat to a child can elicit a rather primal instinct that very few dare stand against.   There's something fearsomely beautiful about it all.  In the spirit of that sentiment, enjoy the following video. 

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