Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Love Is A Verb

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."
- Rev. Theodore Hesburgh

It's easy to get caught up in the business of living and forget to take time to appreciate your wife, with all that she does for you and the family, and love her properly.  Now I know most of us would say that of course we love and appreciate our wives...but I'm talking about being demonstrative love.  As dc Talk once sang (rapped), love is a verb.

Being deliberate in loving your wife may not sound very spontaneous or romantic, but I believe it goes a long way in keeping the relationship strong and healthy.  It's easy to take the relationship for granted or neglect it, especially when you are completely wiped out on a regular basis from the daily grind of life...especially life with children.  They have a way of seeing how close they can push you to the brink of exhaustion before they give you the briefest of respites before doing it all again.  But  being intentional in doing the right things to strengthen the marriage will benefit not just the two love birds but their whole nest as well.

The marriage will have a better shot at surviving the bumps and transport tires that inevitably turn up on the road of life - which I tend to believe is beneficial to the fam jam.  

Also, by loving your wife outwardly  - respecting her, treating her well, speaking highly of her - clear messages are sent to the children.  They will likely follow your lead in regards to the way they should treat their mother.  Moreover they are learning how to be men and what to expect as women from the example you set.  I want my girls to expect to be treated with the utmost respect - I don't want them settling for less.  I want your sons to know how to treat a woman like a lady because my daughters are going to have to share a world with them.

So take time today to love your wife.  Try to do something everyday that shows that you are thinking about her, appreciate her and still love her dearly.  In the early days it may have been bringing flowers home (flowers still work, at least in my house)...but now it might also include making sure the flour container in the kitchen is filled and the compost is taken out regularly (which I almost always do...right sweetie?).  

I need to be reminded of this often myself...I'm betting we all do.  No?

Live well and love well today.


  1. you guys were really hot back then...

    love - k

  2. right on with compost maintenance!