Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dick Proenneke - The Man!!

Here's another gem from good ol' Youtube. I actually saw this video in University but just rediscovered it again this week. Its about a man named Dick Proenneke who goes up to Alaska and lives alone by his own means. Normally stories that start that way end up with said person ending up frozen to death and or getting half eaten by coyotes. This story however is much happier. Dick kicks butt at pretty much every part of wilderness life and ended up staying in Alaska until the age of 85.

This guy is so inspiring to me, in a lot of unsuspecting ways. I am mostly in awe of his easy use of tools and amazing carpentry skills. He makes his own tools, house, fireplace, root cellar, snowshoes, spoons, yes even spoons!

These days its seems socially acceptable to bash Men, and almost anti PC not to. Maybe we have earned a little bashing from thousands of years of patriarchical oppression, but whenever it gets me down I remember that Men like this are examples of what we guys can do. Even if it makes no sense.

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