Friday, 19 October 2012

Sleeping Like a Baby

Yay it's Friday!!

I often wonder about that term...sleeping like a baby.  Who came up with that saying?  Was it spoken in jest the first time?

I suppose it's not too hard to imagine.  Babies have a knack for sleeping through just about anything, when they want to.  We could be in a crowded room, a bunch of kids screaming and Miriam is completely out of it.  That must be what it refers to, the ability to sleep through anything.

It certainly doesn't refer to their ability to sleep through the night - at least not judging by my children.  I've heard of other babies sleeping through the night, but really I chalk that up as simply urban legend.  I remember when Noli was about a year old telling a friend that it had probably been a year since I last slept through the night...and I don't even have to nurse the baby, my poor wife.

Did you know that sleep deprivation is in fact a type of torture.  Anyway, here's to the elusive solid night's sleep...and a weekend of rest and fun to recharge our weary selves.

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