Friday, 1 March 2013

We Got Dumped On

Those of us lucky enough to live in Canada and specifically Ottawa will know that a few days ago, just as the weather began to tease us with just the smallest taste of spring,,,BAM! We got some serious Canadian brag worthy snow.

There's nothing like having children to give a person a good outlook on huge amounts of heavy, need to be lifted if we are ever to leave our house, snow. While I looked in fear at the massive amounts piling up in the driveway, my children were crawling and pushing over one another to get their snowsuits on and go play outside. So while I lifted pounds and pounds of snow way from my porch and driveway I listened to the shear joy of my daughters pushing one another down a "snow mountain" that has grown out of previous snow shovelling. I think you can consider our snow mountain as a tangible fruit of my labour.

 I'm glad that we were able to spend so much time together outside, that we probably would not have had if there was not such a snow storm. So thank you God for the snow, but maybe we don't have to have too much more now.

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