Monday, 18 March 2013

I Miss March Break

Well March break just ended but I'm already sad that school is starting again. I know that's not the best attitude for a parent but because my kids, and I hope their teacher, is not going to read this I can be honest and say that school is not that much fun. Its no fun for parents either. Its the same nervous feelings the same social dynamics the same pressures for adults, as it is for kids, albeit on a much smaller scale and in the knowledge that once you graduate you can blessedly leave the school world behind, that is until you have KIDS.

Obviously there are some really cool things about school these days; my kid can now speak more french than me (not a very difficult task but still), and she does seem to get a little more grown up by going everyday. Even here in Ontario where teachers strikes are constantly looming, her school does seem to be a more positive place than what I remember school to be. And Evie's little social group is still innocent enough it its happenings that its fun to watch and hear about (maybe not so much in the teen years). I should really try to enjoy it more now because I'm pretty sure it gets a heck of a lot harder later on.

Oh well summers not that far off, so lets just getter done. Mir is ready for summer.

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