Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Century Club!!

This is 100th post!!  I know, it's about time.  You were probably wondering if I was ever going to write again.  I am a serious blogger if not a frequent one.  Whether through writing, acting or bedtime stories I love telling stories.  I always have.  Sometimes we get caught up thinking we are what we do for a living and that's not always the case.  I have a great job.  My degree says I am a librarian and/or information scientist and my job title says that I'm a consultant - in that role I've worked as an information analyst, information and records management specialist and a business transformation architect - but I have always known that I am a storyteller.

The other night I had a dream, I was in a public library reading Stanislavski's An Actor Prepares when in walked some of my classmates from Queen's - where I studied film and drama.  We struck up a conversation and were generally catching up when they asked what book I was reading.  They were surprised with my selection of reading material and asked if I was still trying to act.  I replied, "I'm an actor - an actor has to act."

That's how I feel about my storytelling.  I am compelled to share by any means I have available.  I'd love to act, thought that takes quite a bit of time and commitment and as you can tell my the infrequency of my writing, I don't have either of those in abundance - at this time in my life.

This blog has served a number of purposes for me.  It provides me a chance to hone my writing skills and find my style of writing.  More importantly it enables to put my writing out there for anyone to read - which is a big step for me.   I have written quite a bit in the past few years including two feature screenplays, a script for a short film, a one act play, a couple of kids' picture books and a book (all first drafts except the book which is on its fourth iteration).  The problem is I've kept them to myself and I haven't actively sought out opportunities to share for a myriad of reasons that I haven't fully explored.  Part of it is fear and nerves - like the moments right before taking the stage for performance.  With a performance if you don't take that first step onstage the anxiously waiting audience tends to notice whereas with something written, no one is the wiser if you don't take a breath and go for it.  The truth is that I'm a shy, self-conscious writer - much like I used to be in person before acting empowered me and allowed me to find my voice and presence.  This blog has enabled me to take a few small steps towards centre stage.

I still censor myself quite a bit, often due to notion that I haven't given something enough thought or reflection to put out there for everyone to read.  There's a lot that I'd like to write about such as the sorry state of this world and my thoughts on the horror stories that are the recent current events.   However these are topics that I want to give appropriate time and effort to and to be honest at the end of the day I often don't have the steam or mental stamina to fully articulate my thoughts on these heady topics.  And rather than giving it a half effort I just don't write - which is why I haven't written much in the past couple of weeks.

Anyway - here's to my first one hundred blogs and to hundreds more to come!!

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