Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What a wonderful weekend...BARF!!

What a week this has been!

My parents, two nephews and niece were here on the weekend.  We had Evie's Birthday party on Saturday at the Humane Society - I know, at first you're probably like, "You did what?!"  But guess what, it was awesome!!  In fact it seemed like a perfect day until about 5 o'clock or so.

That's when we had all the kids bathed and upstairs, settled in to watch Star Wars before bedtime.  The adults were chillin' in the livin' room having some tea when my nephew and niece appeared in the doorway.  Slightly puzzled at their presence I asked, "Don't you want to watch Star Wars?"  Their reply was simple and direct.

"Evie's puking."

Was she ever.  I got upstairs to find a puddle of puke nicely marinating the mattress through the sheets on the bed.  And she was just getting warmed up. She woke up pretty much every hour through the long dark night.  I grateful to see the break of dawn.  The physical manifestations of the flu subsided the next day but the illness took its toll on her.  I'd say she only started to seem her healthy self again yesterday night.

Sunday was a great day despite the previous night's drama.  My dad and I took the kids (minus Evie and Mimi who was/is teething and didn't really sleep either) to church.  Then after church Lex, my Dad and me took Mimi, my nephews and niece to Mud Lake where we met my in-laws and their kids to embark on a nature walk.  It was wonderful.

Then on Monday the flu advanced to claim my wife and I - albeit not as badly as Evie.  Nevertheless it is incredibly draining.  I missed work yesterday but went in today despite feeling like a sack of garbage.    Lex is feeling like a sack of something worse than garbage as well so it really has been quite the trying week.  I think we're on the mend but could use a decent night's sleep or two (or a month of sleep).

Oh, and our phone and internet were once again on the fritz, completely gone!!  AGAIN!!

I know our complaints are minor in the grand scheme of things.  We're pretty fortunate that our biggest issues are a nagging minor malady and sleep deprivation.  This too will pass - we'll get through it and eventually be healthy and rested again.   Perspective is important, however even with the proper perspective, we're still dog-gone tired!

This weekend I'll post some pics from the Humane Society party and the nature walk too.

For now...good night.

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