Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy (Belated) Birthday and Anniversary!!

I have a confession.  It was my Mom's birthday and my parents' anniversary last Friday and I didn't even acknowledge it in this spot.  Rest assured I remembered, sent flowers and called on their special day.  However I failed to write something here.

My Mom is an amazing woman.  Now I know many of you probably think the same thing, perhaps about your moms too.  But let me tell you why I think so.  Growing up my mom was on of my heroes and still an inspiration to me.  When I was in grade 5 or so, she went back to school to pursue a career in nursing, a dream of hers.  And she did it.  She did it while taking care of three kids and a household. Now no doubt my Dad was integral in supporting and enabling this endeavour and should not be overlooked.  But the determination and courage that my Mom demonstrated in setting a goal, pursuing and achieving it is something that was formative for me and still inspires me.  I think it is because of her example that I still have faith that I can accomplish some of my as of yet unrealised dreams.

Beyond that she is an excellent Mom and Mummu to my kids and we love her dearly.

And my parent's marriage - well, as the above example demonstrates, they make one heck of a team.  They have always put family first and instilled that sense of duty for family - even when pursuing dreams the family's the priority.  Their example of marital union and parenthood is truly a gift that I cherish and one that I hope I can pass down to my kids and grandkids.

So Happy Birthday to my Mommy!   I love you <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------> this much!!

And Happy Anniversary!!  Here's to many more!

And as my Mom's example above proves, this might be late, but it's never too late.


  1. Thanks son, you are an inspiration to me also, it blesses me to see how dedicated you are to your family over all other things, family relationship is the riches thing we can have that's personal family and our church family. May the Lord continue to bless you. Give a big hug to the ladies for me. Mom will comment later. Love you

  2. Thanks Dad - we're looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.