Sunday, 14 April 2013

Great Expectations (a Mamma blog)

Ryan has graciously let me have a crack at telling the night our family had a few days ago, as we thought it worked better as told in the first person.

We had decided to finish off our great women's hockey extravaganza season with tickets for myself and the two older girls to the World Women's Hockey Championship gold medal game.   I would be bringing them to the Scotia Bank Place without the baby (a big deal for weird attachment parents like me). My excitement was brewing about our upcoming event. I just knew it would be the most perfect memory building night that would absolutely be talked about for decades and decades. My grandchildren would know how wonderful this night went, thats how epic it was going to be!

I set out with the girls and bravely waved goodbye to the baby who obviously could not care less about being left behind despite my ridiculous repetitive goodbyes and "last nummies" for the evening.  I was off onto the highway and soon enough was turning into the parking lot and making our way into the stadium with the hordes of fellow fans. We found our seats way up in the rafters easily and settled into what I thought would be a great exciting game.

I had noticed earlier in the day that Noli our middlest had a bit of the sniffles, but as we have had every illness apart from the plague this year I did not think much of it, and she seemed to be enjoying herself. The game started and it was truly a great treat to see Hayley Wickenheiser skate around with the Canadians. I have admired her since I was a young girl.

I looked over to Noli and noticed she was looking a little bit pale and sort of sleepy. Okay I thought to myself, it's late, she's little and maybe a little chilly, no big deal, she's going to be fine. A few more minutes pass and I check Noli again near the middle of the first period. Noli now has an obvious fever developing. Alright, a small fever but not an emergency, she can probably hang on until the game is over (I'm not sure I believed this but that's what I told myself). Towards the end of the first period Noli's fever starts to feel pretty high...then still higher. Hmmm, I say to myself, what now?

I asked Evie who was having the time of her life and could not care less at this present time if Noli was on fire, if she would be very upset if we have to leave early. Immediate panic comes over Evie's face "I can't leave without seeing the medals!" She says this as a fact like she literally cannot leave without seeing the medals, or she will explode.

Just as the Canadian team scored the first goal I convince Evie that if we leave fast and drive Noli home she can come straight back and watch the rest of the game with Daddy. I pick up both kids and drag them out of the arena and race to the car. I speed back to our house (just 15 minutes away) and carry Noli inside. I quickly explain the situation to Ryan and he hops back into the car, still running, and back to the game. Luckily for Evie they got to see most of the game and of course the medals.

We do not have a TV so I listened to the rest of the game on the radio with my sick little Noli. Sadly the Canadians did not win gold, but it seemed a fitting end to a very imperfect night. And although my plans of being the world's best and coolest mom came crashing down (as they often do) I think I did the right thing in the end, even if it makes one or all of my kids think I'm lame. I am happy to fulfill that role when necessary.

Evie in her glory just before the game.

Noli feeling good...for now.

I'm just chillin'.  

And so it begins!

Making memories!

Noli still feeling okay.

Uh oh..."I don't feel so good."

Going down hill. 

"Houston, we've got a problem."

Noli had enough.

The game must go on.


  1. First of all Lex, that is my scarf. Actually it's mom's scarf, but I stole it first. Give me my scarf back.

    Second of all that was totally hilarious - the photo chronicle was fantastic.

    Third - that was really really funny.

  2. Aww thanks. And no Im keeping the scarf.

  3. Dear Alexis and Kathleen,

    I sure appreciate your taste in scarves. I am not going to tell you where the rest of mine are.

    And again as far as Alexis is concerned your humour is absolutely hilarious.