Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentine's Day Reflections

We celebrated Valentine's Day as a family this past week, yes the love our family shares one for another with a wonderful chicken dinner and a number of delectable treats that my ladies helped make.  Yes, it's only fitting that we would share this day with the whole family.   What started as a romance turned to love and grew to a commitment and a family soon followed.  It's interesting that more people don't connect Valentine's Day with babies, kids and other familial joys and duties (like cleaning out squirrel nests from your shed in the dead of winter or endless mounds of laundry or other household chores that no matter how many times you do them, they'll always have to be done again).  For if you think about it, if the romance and love that so many people laud is as true as they proclaim, then it stands to follow that a good number of the many proclaimers of love will be sharing in the joys of matrimony and in many of those cases a family will eventually result.

Here's a little food for thought, eight years ago this past Valentine's Day, Alexis and I were engaged.  It wasn't elaborate and truth be told, while I knew Lex was the one for me, I wasn't planning on proposing for another few months.  It was spontaneous as the right moment presented itself and I seized was perfect.  The progression from dating to engaged was as natural for us as Spring following Winter. 

Now, eight years later, we have three wonderful daughters, a dog (which we got three years ago, on Valentine's day), a house, a career, and all the trappings of a domestic life.  I couldn't be happier as our house is filled with more love and warmth than I could have imagined it would be eight years ago. 

So young men, let this be inspiration (or a warning) to you...the simple Valentine's Day you had this year, may very well have been the beginning of the most exciting adventure you'll embark on.  Good Luck!

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