Monday, 5 November 2012

Someone Tell the Kids

Ahh...fall back time.  The end of daylight savings...when we gain an extra hour.  The best part about it is the extra hour of sleep gained on this day.  That is of course unless you have kids who are young enough that time is still kind of an abstract concept to them.

Even on regular days the girls don't seem to care about what time they wake up at.  All they care about is that they're awake and ready to go and no amount of rationalizing with them will do.  I've been woken up at four o'clock or before at times by a kid who is convinced it is time to wake up.  And you would think that it's a treat when you tell them, you don't have to get up for another 4 hours...but it's not.  They're just excited to be awake and see what good things the day has for them.

I wonder when that excitement ends?  I suppose it's when you stop getting the proper amount of sleep required to feel rested in the morning.  It would help not to be woken up multiple times through the night for various reasons from needing a drink to wanting a back rub.  I don't know why kids don't seem to be affected by late nights or rough nights.  And I don't know why they don't coordinate their rough nights.  It'd be nice if both decided to sleep through the night on the same night - or if both decided to sleep in on the same day.  But they don't.  One of them usually sleeps in while the other one gets up and gets everyone else up. be young and carefree again.  If I knew then what I know now, I think I would have slept more...but then again life is grand and too good to spend in bed...unless you have young kids, then a day in bed sure seems as good as a month in paradise.

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