Friday, 1 November 2013

C'est L'halloween!!

Evie told me she wanted to be something scary this year!
Scary indeed!!
My little native...not much of a stretch, but darn cute!!
Not a hoppy beginning for Noli...but candy cured all blues!!

What about the prime directive!?  
Trick or treating?  Make it so!

Trick or Treat!!
Cap'n Cole spying out the next target!
All in all a howling good time! 
Our bounty!!


  1. I love the one of Nolie.... that is so perfect. That was how I was feeling that night.

    Love you all, safe travels this week - kathleen

  2. The girls look great, love the little native, LOVE YOU ALL GOD BLESS

  3. All the halloween personalities fit perfectwily th these unique ;little kids!
    Love grandma and grandpa.