Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Eight is Great

Today marks eight great years of marriage for my wife and I.  I promised my wife I wouldn't write anything too sappy...I tend to wax poetic and given the time and the right muse (which my wife always is for me) I could go on and on.  In fact last year I did go on and on to the point that my editor (my wife) told me to tone it down a little.

So I won't go into detail with how my heart brims with love for my wife and how our love continues to evolve and mature.  But I will say that I feel like the luckiest man alive because she agreed to marry a schmuck like me and together we make an awesome team.  It seems like we've packed a lot of livin' into the past 8 eight years and through every challenge we just grow closer together.

It's funny how the idea of romance changes.  I remember spending a lot of time, thought and effort to get things set-up just right...I'd worry about the details and the presents and would hope that everything would come together perfectly.  Now we are opportunistic romancers, that is we look to make the most of the little moments we can steal away from the daily routine to infuse with a little extraordinary romance.  Perhaps our romance is not as elaborate or indulgent as it used to be (I'm not sure it was ever too elaborate now that I think about it...it's less so now), but it's more deliberate, intentional and I'd argue more meaningful.

Take tonight for example, after school the girls had piano, then tutoring after which we sneaked in a little celebratory pizza that we wolfed down right before driving the girls to God's Little Princesses (the girls group at our church that our girls loooove) that overlapped with the church's board meeting that I attend.  Actually there was an hour down time between the time we dropped the girls off and the beginning of the board meeting so Lex and I with Miriam (our youngest) in tow took the moment to chillax at a cool lil' gelato and coffee shop.  Then Lex dropped me off, picked up the girls, took them home and put them to bed.  I got back home a little after nine at which point Lex and I were finally able to spend a couple of moments together, just the two of us.  Talk about romance!!

Rest assured we are planning on sneaking away at some point in the near future to have a proper anniversary dinner at a nice restaurant.  Evie recommended McDonald's, I was thinking I'd spring for something a little fancier like Hintonburger...just kidding, although I think both of us would be fine with Hintonburger (the best burger in Ottawa).  It won't happen today, it might not happen this week but we'll get out there eventually - that's life in the fast lane (I just had an image of Frank the Tank from Old School flash through my brain, "We got a nice little Saturday plan...I don't know if there'll be enough time!!").

But you know what?  I don't think I'd have it any other way.  That's the family we've built...the life we've created together that all started with just a couple of crazy kids in love.

Happy Anniversary my Love!!

Two crazy kids...in love.

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  1. Just don't take any cues from Frank the Tank on other aspects of your marriage... no streaking or anything... k