Thursday, 13 June 2013


Last week the name of the latest incarnation of an Ottawa football team was unveiled.  It was easily the worst kept secret in Ottawa, maybe even the nation but nevertheless it became official, the new team will be called the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

I'm a huge football fan.  One of the reasons I was excited about moving to Ottawa was the fact that they had a professional football team.  That was late 2005 and of course the Renegades ceased to be the next season, we just missed them.  So I've been waiting patiently for all the politics to get sorted out so the poor people of Ottawa can once again have a team to call our own.  And that team shall be called the REDBLACKS.

My initial reaction to the name was that it stunk.  It was weak, unimaginative and unoriginal.  But I have to admit the name is growing on me for several reasons (all caps not being one of them).  I appreciate that there is an attempt to associate red and black back to the red and black plaid flannel shirts that are stereotypically worn by lumberjacks.  That's cool imagery since Ottawa is an old lumber town and everyone knows lumberjacks are tough dudes.  I can envision a stadium full of fans sporting plaid red and black shirts.  The name translates nicely into French (it may even sound better) which should help in marketing to Quebecers live in the National capital region.  Using colours as a team name is not unprecedented.  Think about the Reds, Browns, and All Blacks.

Am I crazy about the name?  No, but it won't stop me cheering for them.  I've waited for this moment for 7 years now and it's almost upon us, one more football season and Ottawa football will be back.  Go REDBLACKS!!

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