Monday, 28 January 2013

A Birthday Sonnet for My Love

Ev'ryone stop and celebrate the day!!
For it marks the day love's journey began,
Bettering life for all those 'long her way.
Stop and celebrate, I say it again.

Celebrate not the day but the lady,
My lady, my Lexy, my love, for she
is wonderful, strong and full of beauty,
Captivating, wise and lovely. 

A cold winter's day warmed 'cause she was born;
As grateful hearts greet spring's glory and bloom,
My heart rejoices, no longer forlorn,
The longing once felt, her love does consume.

All beautiful is she, no flaw to see,
All beautiful is she, perfect to me.  

Happy Birthday!!


1 comment:

  1. We're pretty glad she was born, too.

    love - the Bradens

    PS - if you wrote that poem, Jason is going to kill you. He'll never be able to top that. He can hardly spell....