Friday, 13 September 2013

Ryan's Birthday- A Mama Post

I am once again hijacking Ryan's blog, but my intentions are honourable, and I will try not to embarrass him. Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. Thirty-four years ago today my sweet Mother-in-Law Sirpa gave birth to the best man in the world. I've told her before that she really should have had more boy children (although her daughters are pretty nice too).

I had meant to get up early this morning to make breakfast for Ryan but I slept in... I had also planned to at least make up is coffee for him, buuuuut I was too sleepy to get off the bad. Instead my sweet husband made my coffee for me and also made our oldest daughter Evie breakfast. I know what you might be thinking (at least I know what I'm thinking, what a crappy birthday morning that was) but don't worry I promise I will make a decent birthday cake sometime today and if I'm extra prepared I will even get him a present (although he requested no presents - don't tell him yet).

Despite my lacklustre efforts this morning Ryan was his usual contented and peaceful self. My favourite part of being married to this man is the lack of drama he exudes. He rarely gets mad, rarely does anything wrong and rarely gives off any type of vibe except calmness. This is why he is perfect for me. Although I am indeed charming at times, I run a wee bit high on the drama/anxious/angry scale. He has given my almost 8 years of peaceful happy marriage.

Today is a very happy day of the year for me. The best present I could ever know came into the world 34 years ago today. Happy birthday Ryan! I love you.

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