Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 2 of the Renovations

Well it's day two of our kitchen renovations and it's coming along nicely.  After the drastic change from day 0 to day 1 the progress on the floor and the walls isn't nearly as noticeable, but it's a beautiful thing to see.  This is our first major professional renovation (in a planned series of renovations that will be spread out over the next 7-10 years) and let me tell you, I'm glad we hired the pros.

It's not our first renovation.  In fact it's not even the first renovation to the kitchen.  Phase I of the kitchen renovation actually happened last summer when I took down the wall between the kitchen and the front "lobby."  Said lobby was slightly larger than a closet - the wall had to go.                                  


Then of course there was my wife's handiwork on the floor a couple of months back.  You can read about that project HERE.  In retrospect her attempt at doing the flooring is even more funny now.  Apparently there were seven layers (SEVEN) of flooring.  The bare hardwood planks on the bottom, covered by two layers of linoleum tiling one on the other, then a layer of plywood and three more layers of linoleum tiles.  Lex and the girls would have been working away for sometime.  I guess the family that owned the house before redid the flooring every six or seven years on average.   I hope ours lasts longer.  If not, then by the time I complete the series of renos we have planned, it'll be time to do the kitchen again.  And so it goes.

DAY 2:  Notice the flooring...oooh yeah!

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