Monday, 13 January 2014

New Year's Coffee Revolution!!

The machine (in that background) that revolutionized the way I think about and drink coffee.

Latte.  Mocha Latte.  Mmmmm...yes these are items that only a few weeks ago I considered indulgent.  I have to admit I was a plain ol' regular coffee with a splash of milk kind of guy.

However since my wife and I received a fancy-dancy espresso machine for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad!!)  my coffee habits have been revolutionized!  I have discovered the sheer joy of making and partaking in such delectable specialty coffees.  It is a fine feeling to sit down after a day at the office and enjoy a fine specialty coffee in my fine home with my fine family.  The whole experience is...well, FINE!!

My oldest daughter is a big fan of the machine too, she is quite proud of herself because she can now make her own hot chocolate.  Now the trick will be to teach her how to make a latte and then have her get up early each day (or maybe just on Sundays) so my latte is ready for me when I arise. dream!

My first attempt at latte's supposed to be a heart with an arrow
though it...made with love, for my wife!


  1. DO I get no Laud??? Not even an honourable mention for bringing Espresso into your lives??? No, "Thanks to Kathleen who worked late nights at Bridgehead learning all the ways of Barista-ness. What a sacrifice she made. Thank you."

    I see: I am unappreciated. Sigh....


    PS - that is some pretty good foam. Impressive.

  2. It's true no one would have known what a latte was if not for you. I used to think it was some sort of european delicacy.