Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ryan's Daddy Blog Kickoff


This is my first attempt at a blog but I'm pretty excited because I've got somethings to say.  Yes...somethings.  Not just one or two things but a whole bunch to say about fatherhood and beyond.

This blog will be my spot to rant and muse about all things fatherly.  In fact I think an appropriate sub-title for the blog would be, "The Ranting and Musings of a Father in the Midst of It."  The "it" being fatherhood.

I have three girls...three wonderful girls who have changed my life.  I know, it's such a cliche and I will fight tooth and nail to avoid such cliches (oh no...there goes another one).  They really have though, from my priorities and things I value to the way my time is spent they have altered the way I view and experience the world.  They have given me greater purpose than I had without them.

They give me insight into the great mysteries of the universe and the meaning of life.  They challenge me...sharpen me...and make me a better man.  They've given me many fond memories and funny stories filled with laughter and the three p's of papahood:  puke, poo and pee (really the 3 p's of parenthood, no?).

I will share this insight (which may very well be common knowledge to you) and some anecdotes as well as vent about the things that yet confound me - the things I just don't get (which is a lot).  I hope other fathers read this and find solace knowing that they are not alone;  don't worry if you're not a father, you should still read it because it's sure to be amusing, intriguing, delightfully touching, and all that great stuff.

When my wife and I were expecting our first daughter, my father told me, "Son, there's never a perfect time to have a child.  If you waited until everything was just right, you might never have one.  You just gotta dive into it."  Likewise, I'm just an average father trying my best not screw my kids up too much.  I don't have it all figured out...I'm not an authority on fatherhood.  But I've got something to say and if I waited until I did have it all figured out...well then this blog might never be written.  So here I go...from one father to all of you.


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  1. I can't think of anyone I would rather watch father his little flock (expect perhaps our own particular daddy...)

    I can't wait to see what's in store.....